A Trip to the Mall


Since Fallout: Louisville was announced, a LOT of progress has been made.  The mod is nearing completion, which means it will be available for testing very soon.  If you’re interested in beta-testing the mod, send an email to FalloutLouisville@Live.com with the subject as “Fallout: Louisville Beta”.

One significant location in the game is based on the real-life St. Matthew’s mall.  Of course, with this mod being designed to pay tribute to Louisville’s zombie culture, the mall was a perfect opportunity to draw from George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, (which takes place in a mall) .  Here are some screens of the mall to hold you over until the mod is released-


Fallout: Louisville “Night of the Living Ghouls” Coming soon


“Night of the Living Ghouls” is a soon to be released free total-world mod for Fallout: New Vegas.  It will NOT be compatible with previous saves, but can be switched on or off at any given time, without disrupting any save data.

The game will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, paying tribute to the city’s unique and expansive “zombie culture”.  Louisville’s “zombie culture” includes the annual zombie attack walk, the setting of the Return of the Living Dead series, “zombie prom”, and the hometown of Robert Kirkman (writer of The Walking Dead  and Marvel Zombies).

Essentially, the city of Louisville has been flooded by radiation in the water flowing down the Ohio River, which caused the vast majority of survivors to become feral ghouls (the equivalent of zombies in the Fallout world).

A number of real world regions locations around Louisville will be recognized by anyone familiar with the Louisville area.