Fallout: Louisville “Night of the Living Ghouls” Coming soon


“Night of the Living Ghouls” is a soon to be released free total-world mod for Fallout: New Vegas.  It will NOT be compatible with previous saves, but can be switched on or off at any given time, without disrupting any save data.

The game will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, paying tribute to the city’s unique and expansive “zombie culture”.  Louisville’s “zombie culture” includes the annual zombie attack walk, the setting of the Return of the Living Dead series, “zombie prom”, and the hometown of Robert Kirkman (writer of The Walking Dead  and Marvel Zombies).

Essentially, the city of Louisville has been flooded by radiation in the water flowing down the Ohio River, which caused the vast majority of survivors to become feral ghouls (the equivalent of zombies in the Fallout world).

A number of real world regions locations around Louisville will be recognized by anyone familiar with the Louisville area.


About EnigmaMachine413

I'm a local-scale musician, looking to spread around the music that I create. I'm best known for my performance in the band "Been to the Gallows", though I also drum for "Red Wolf" and perform as a solo artist. As director of media and recording at Cul De Sac King Records, I record a number of local bands and artists.

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