A Trip to the Mall


Since Fallout: Louisville was announced, a LOT of progress has been made.  The mod is nearing completion, which means it will be available for testing very soon.  If you’re interested in beta-testing the mod, send an email to FalloutLouisville@Live.com with the subject as “Fallout: Louisville Beta”.

One significant location in the game is based on the real-life St. Matthew’s mall.  Of course, with this mod being designed to pay tribute to Louisville’s zombie culture, the mall was a perfect opportunity to draw from George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, (which takes place in a mall) .  Here are some screens of the mall to hold you over until the mod is released-


About EnigmaMachine413

I'm a local-scale musician, looking to spread around the music that I create. I'm best known for my performance in the band "Been to the Gallows", though I also drum for "Red Wolf" and perform as a solo artist. As director of media and recording at Cul De Sac King Records, I record a number of local bands and artists.

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