How large is the mod?

Being a relatively small project, it’s roughly the size of Point Lookout, if not a bit larger, with a comparable amount of content and quests.

What is a total-word mod?

A total-world mod is one that doesn’t add to another game, but rather converts it to an entirely different game.  That said, it can be turned on or off at any time without disrupting save data.

Is it compatible with other mods?

While the mod shouldn’t conflict with other mods, it’s a total world-mod, which means that most other mods wouldn’t have any function, given that while this mod is active, the player is unable to visit the Mojave wasteland.  With that said, it’s highly advised that all other mods are turned off while playing “Night of the Living Ghouls” to avoid the potential glitches.  Again, this mod can be turned on or off at anytime without disrupting save data.

What real-life Louisville locations is the game going to cover?

Given that most of Louisville’s famous sites were not yet around during the 50’s (from which the concept of Fallout is derived), there will be a number of locations recognizable to anyone familiar with the Louisville area, though it will be a very different, retro-futuristic version of Louisville.

How much of Louisville does it cover?

It covers a number of significant areas in Louisville, including J-town, St. Matthews, the Highlands and Downtown Louisville.

What sort of PC specs do I need to run the mod?

It’s simple:  If it can run Fallout: New Vegas, it’ll run the mod.

How does the game fit into the official Fallout canon?

The game is designed according to previously established Fallout lore, and should have no significant contradictions.

Will the game involve any factions?

Both new and old factions will make appearances.


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